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Our faith, which leads to salvation, is held or observed in common. What is our common faith if not summarized in this word: that Jesus delivered us from bondage? More
How may we hallow God’s name but to believe his Word and act accordingly? This old world will not be around forever, and we even less time. All of creation awaits its destruction. More
The future is unknown, so I better put more money in my retirement fund. I would have less anxiety if I could just get a better paying job. Can the government do more for me? More
Everything belongs to the Father, and in him all creation holds together (Col 1:17). Is he then, unable to grant your prayers? Indeed, there is a so-called power that holds back the hand of God. More
Consider your worth. Your own merit, that which is yours through your own deeds and religious devotion, is of course, relatively worthless. This does not give you any standing with God. More

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