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Seek! Search! Look everywhere else. But you will never find Christ Jesus anywhere else but in the holy Scripture. The Spirit will reveal himself there. More
Take the Word of God "as it stands," as it is written, and be transformed by the Holy Spirit who works through that very Word in all his people. More
A Christian glories in the things of which other men are ashamed — in the cross and in his sufferings. For the world will not long endure the Word. More
As much as you are able, live in peace with all; spend time with those of humble circumstance. Be a blessing to your neighbor. More
Marriage, because it is God's institution, will be a difficult work, as the flesh will resist and rebel, as it always does against doing God's will. More
Love desires the best for its neighbor, even when one's neighbor does not desire the best for you, so one must pray for them even when they are not neighborly. More
Jesus allowed for believers and unbelievers alike in the church, so that both might be spared, believers from violent uprooting, and unbelievers an opportunity to believe. More
Each Christian has been given a calling, and with that calling a particular gift or gifts to fulfill the calling. These do not make her better or happier than another. More
God permits us to fail in order to make us seek him in his Word. Do not despair when things do not go your way. God is calling you. More
Paul does not put much emphasis on foretelling the future, but on the explanation of the Scriptures, so that there may be faith in the gospel. More
May we be content with the gospel, with what is written, for it contains all that God wants us to know about himself, all that we need to know. More
Love is virtue pure and precious. It neither utters, nor thinks any evil of its neighbor. It rather covers sin; not one sin, nor two, but a “multitude of sins.” More
Our worship and good works are to be done for Christ's sake, not because we think that we earn salvation through our deeds or piety. More
Good and bad happens to bad and so-called good people alike. The difference is how one responds, and why, and from where their peace comes. More
Have we forgotten that in order to be saved, we must have faith in Christ, trusting in God above our own works of religious devotion? More
We must consider ourselves with sound and sober judgment, not thinking much of our piety. There is always room for improvement in the Christian life. More
Simeon was not impressed by appearances and so, could bless Christ Jesus. If appearances are our motivation, we will not bless Jesus. More
Christians are priests, each and every one of them, and as priests, are to offer acceptable sacrifices to God. That sacrifice is self for the honor God. More
We must have faith in the Word, not in what our senses tell us. Feelings are secondary (at least) and are to be subordinated to "what is written." More
Christians should not curse—in the sense of wishing evil in a person's life. However, Christians are to censure and reprove evil in the hope of good. More
God allows suffering to guard against presumption, as example to others to repent, and as preparation for finding Christ, and keeping him. More
The sacrifices of the Old Testament are fulfilled in the one sacrifice of Christ Jesus so that we may offering the living sacrifice of faith in everyday life. More
Having Christ's Spirit within us, we are to love our neighbors so fully through that it seems as though we are indebted to love our them. More
Love of neighbor does not justify us to God. Faith in God does however, compel us to love our neighbor, and this is evidence of faith, and love of God. More
The light exposes the darkness of human reason, doctrine, and works, and displays our need of the grace and glory of he who is Light from Light, true God from true God. More
The magi may not have known who the newborn king truly was, but you and I are called to attend to our vocations, then think only how we may know Christ. More
The gospel is not the light but the expression of that eternal Light that has risen upon us. Rise and shine in the light that has dawned upon you. More
No one comes to the Father or apprehends the promises of the gospel except through faith in Christ alone. Through Christ Jesus, we become children of the Father by God's grace. More
Your beliefs, especially doctrine about Christ, must come from the Scriptures. Rest your faith on Christ as found in the Word alone. More
Just as little as it lies in one’s power to be born and to receive natural existence, so little does it lie in his power to be without sin or to escape from it. He who created us must take it away. More
We have received a mark, the sign of God's hand upon us. We are sealed with God's promise of salvation and eternal life through baptism and faith. More

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