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We may go about living our lives with good, Christian courage, knowing that we belong to the Lord. He has prepared us for both life and death. More
What was in the beginning — even before the beginning — and where did it all come from is the subject of John's and Luther's writings today. More
God will repay the wicked for their persecution of Christians, and he will reward Christians, though not for the reasons many think. More
Do we believe the Word of God because of the revelation or because of its messenger, because it is God's Word or because of the preacher? More
We are not so pious as we imagine ourselves to be. Take care of your self-regard and pious pride, for the gospel grows in the pasture of confession. More
Jesus took on our nature so that, through faith in him, we may be given his nature, and be made right to be with him in eternity. More
The great joy of this day is that your Father has given the gift of his Son, along with the gifts of his Spirit and eternal life ... to you. His gift is for you. More
Jesus is the only one who can remove your sins, and make you right with the Father. Behold, the Lamb of God who has taken away the sin of the world. More
Our lives, like John the Baptist's life and ministry, should direct our family, friends, and neighbors to Christ and his gospel. More
God's Word-angel made manifest the sin and religion that would hinder the coming grace of his Christ, the Messiah, the long-awaited one. More
Until the heart believes in God, it is not possible to rejoice in him. But for the believer, both rejoicing and peace are possible. More
It is not enough to put off the works of darkness; one must put on the armor of light. Without the light of faith, even works we think good are not. More
The gospel has not the least in common with the self-righteous. They want to become rich in works, but the gospel wills that they are to become poor. More
Christ is the Sun, the source of the spiritual day, from whom the gospel brightness shines throughout the world through the apostles' preaching. More
All is well because of the peace of the cross, the peace of God, the peace of conscience, Christian peace, is the work of God that gives eternal calm. More
Let no one decide that he will be utterly careless and rest upon God, making no effort, no exertion, not even resorting to prayer. Prayer is trust in God. More
To serve God is nothing else than to serve your neighbor in love, whether enemy or friend, or whether you can help in temporal or spiritual matters. More
The offense of doctrine may be the most beautiful religious ceremonies, the noblest works, so that only faith through the Spirit recognizes that it is all wrong. More
The coming of Christ will not be attended by drums and bugles and the like worldly pomp, but by spiritual power and grace. More
We are not waiting for a Messiah and Savior yet to come. We are waiting each Advent for the Messiah and Savior who has come and will come again. More
For the sake of gain, we rise from sleep and go to work. How much greater the need for us to awaken from our spiritual sleep, to engage the works of light. More
There is no one so prepared for the judgment day as he who fears God and longs to be without sin. What do you fear? You are well prepared for that day. More
If we are true Christians we will earnestly and heartily join in Christ's prayer, saying "Thy kingdom come." If we do not so pray, we are not yet true Christians. More
Let the unbeliever doubt and despise God’s signs and speak of them as simply natural; but let us hold fast to the Word that gives us sufficient warning. More
"People will eat and drink, buy and sell, marry and be given in marriage and wrap themselves up in this present life as if they expected to abide here forever." More
God sent his own Son into the world to do what humans cannot do by reason or religion. This is who we await in Advent, remembering again God's grace. More
We should not think of an earthly kingdom, nor of bodily salvation, but give attention to the promise of a spiritual kingdom and of a redemption. More
"The nature of faith is that it does not judge nor reason by what it sees, but by what it hears. It depends upon the Word alone and not on vision or sight." More
“Your King comes to you” does not mean that you find him, but that he seeks and finds you. Faith and works too, come from him, not from you. More
Faith brings and gives Christ to you with all his possessions. Love brings and gives you to your neighbor along with all of your possessions. More

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